We are the musicians of New York City, a multi-talented group of artists who have devoted our lives to uplifting society and bringing beauty into the world. We are your child’s music teacher, your neighbor who performs on a Broadway show, the artists in your midst who bring music to your lives and help make NYC the cultural capital of the world.

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NYC Musicians are the bedrock of the world’s most prolific performing arts community and we need your help during COVID-19. We are a resilient group, fighting to emerge from this pandemic, but our entire industry is in a state of crisis. Without work or access to healthcare, many of the nation’s finest musicians have been forced to leave the NYC area and possibly many more without your help. 

During times of crisis the arts have historically kept hope alive. In the midst of current lockdowns across the globe, the arts are currently saving millions of people from loneliness, extreme anxiety and fear while bringing joy and beauty to those who are watching in isolation. Nothing can replace the energy and excitement of a live performance, but countless people have sought comfort in televised and streamed performances of opera, dance, theater, and music of every genre during this pandemic.

We can’t wait to perform for you again as soon as the doors to our theaters and concert halls reopen, restoring our great city to its rightful place as the world’s leading live entertainment center, the country’s most notable tourist destination, and the cultural heartbeat of America.​ We sincerely thank you for supporting our extraordinary musicians and for recognizing the vital role of the arts in making New York the greatest city in the world.​

When Winston Churchill was asked to cut arts funding in favor of the war effort, he simply responded, “Then what are we fighting for?” The arts are critical to innovation and creativity in our economy and society. A life without the arts is a half-life, at best. During this perilous time, keeping our artists and arts organizations safe and healthy should be a priority so they are there when we come out of this pandemic.

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