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WE ARE the NYC Musicians of Local 802, the world-class artists who perform on Broadway, at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall, in jazz clubs, cabarets and churches, making New York City a unique musical destination for tourists from around the world.

THEATERS WERE CLOSED FOR 18 MONTHS, and musicians are just starting to perform again. Many musicians are still recovering from the harsh lingering effects of debt due to prolonged unemployment. They continue to struggle to fully support themselves and their families while the music industry slowly reopens. Unemployment benefits are ending, and many musicians are not able to completely resume their normal performing schedules due to continued restrictions and accessibility to performance venues. The comeback for performers will be slow and financially painful. Many musicians have already lost their health insurance and many cannot afford to purchase it on their own.

WITH YOUR HELP, we can provide emergency relief to musicians, address our health fund’s shortfall, and enhance our efforts to get musicians safely back to work, restoring the musical heart and soul of New York.

Available now!

Musicians Cook! is a 288 page cookbook with 283 recipes and stories submitted by quarantining NYC-area musicians. From the performance hall to the kitchen, musicians share their artistry and love of food.

All proceeds from the cookbook will go directly to the Save NYC Musicians campaign which helps NYC musicians who are struggling during the COVID pandemic.

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Donations are tax deductible



Triple Orange Cake, by Reva Youngstein, flutist

Donations are tax deductible

Donations are tax deductible

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